Client: Soundbucket Speakers

Client: Soundbucket Speakers

We’ve got an exciting new project in the pipeline with the company behind an innovative speaker product.

Towards the end of 2016, our attention was drawn towards an ingenious device; a portable, rechargeable, personal speaker system, with up to 50 hours battery life and superior aptX® bluetooth capability – the Soundbucket.

With our roots lying in the music industry we were immediately intrigued by the potential of this speaker. With it being roughly twice the size of and a bit more expensive than the hugely successful Minirig, we were hoping the sound quality and output capability would trump the aforementioned device.

We have certainly not been disappointed with the 2 way output the Soundbucket provides – a tweeter on the front of the catering for top range frequency relay and 4” woofer covering the mid-lows, with great effect it must be said!



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